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Savvy Sheitels European Human Hair Wigs and Hats

Parkhurst Knit Hats

Super Soft and Cozy

About Parkhurst Hats

ParkhurstHat.com is owned by Caring and Comfort LLC dba Savvy Sheitels, just one of many retailers offering Parkhurst headwear. Parkhurst is known for exceptional design, detailed workmanship, and superior yarns.

Parkhurst hats are the mainstay of popular hats we offer online. We offer a wide variety of styles that are attractive, modest and comfortable at discount prices.

As with many companies in the apparel industry, Parkhurst develops new styles for each season, setting trends in fashion and replacing older models.

Need Help?

If you cannot find the Parkhurst hat you are looking for on our Website, we suggest you contact the manufacturer, Parkhurst Knitwear, also known as Dorothea Knitting Mills Ltd., in Toronto, Canada.

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Contact the Savvy Sheitels at:


Questions about

  • Replacement products
  • Discontinued styles
  • Locating items not on the Savvy Website
  • Wholesale accounts

Contact Parkhurst Knitwear at:

Toll Free: 1-800-268-0456
Fax: 416-421-9084



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